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QB Thought Process

Posted Thursday, July 07, 2011 by Mark McKeny

Being A Quarterback is more than just execution.  It is making good decisions and processing information rapidly and accurately.  Below are listed some basic thoughts to guide your thinking.  Commit these to your mind so under the pressure and time restraints in a game they come to you very naturally.  They become part of who you are and how you play.

 Our Basic Game Plan Thoughts:

1-Get First Downs-Be Aggressive then Patient

2-Make them Beat Us-Prevent Losing before you Win

3-Be Positive-always know good things are about to happen

4-When in Doubt Run a Base Play

5-Great Calls Do Not Win-Eliminating the Bad Ones Does

6-Don’t Take Points Off the Board

7-Don’t Let Them Cheat-Make them Defend the Length and width of the Field

8-Have a Purpose for what You do.

9-Establish Running with the Ball

10-Protect Our Defense


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