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Throwing The Football - Complete It!!!!!

Posted Thursday, July 07, 2011 by Mark McKeny

A.  Grip

1. Comfortable

2. Fingertips

3. Air between palm and ball

4. Feel as though you are in total control and can throw it where you want to

B.  Throwing Motion

A) The ball is thrown when you have good balance-good feet-you are in control

B) Stand up tall-with head and eyes zeroed in on target-you can't hit what you

can't see-your eyes will tell the rest of your body what to do-see the target

C) Shift weight from back foot to front toes

D) Take a short stride

E) You want to have the sensation of throwing the ball "downhill"

D)    Get great shoulder rotation-left shoulder under chin-push right shoulder/arm

 back with elbow the furthest back

G) Right elbow is higher than right shoulder

H) Lead with left foot/leg/hip/chest/elbow/shoulder

I)  Land on left toes with left knee slightly bent-just to the left of the midline-allows balance to be

                  kept and hips to rotate through, completing the shifting of the weight-Right hip should end

            in front of left one.

J) As arm is extended to target you should finish by snapping your fingers through

the ball-index finger pointed at the target and keeping your thumb from

rotating at all-it stays stable-your left foot/knee/hip/chest should finish

with a pole being able to go straight through all of them-your weight

should be balanced with a slight tilt to the outside left-your arm should

finish below your waist and to the left side of your middle—

K) The ball will travel on the approximate plane of your shoulders-keep your left

shoulder lower than your right to keep the ball from sailing

 L) Deep Ball

1. Drop your right shoulder to get ball to go higher

2. Still finish by coming "over the top" and getting on the front of left foot

3. This will cause ball to turn over-if back end of ball is coming down first

then follow through wasn't complete and weight remained back.

4. You want air under the ball-don't ever under throw the deep ball-

receivers can always run a little faster

Drills -  ALWAYS pick a spot and throw at it-ACCURACY should always be Emphasized

1. Knee- Get great shoulder rotation, dig the left toe in ground, lead with the left hip,

exaggerate the follow through

2. Left Foot forward-Put left foot forward with all your weight on it-lift right foot off the

ground-get left knee, left hip and chest out over left foot-rotate shoulders and

deliver ball-right hip should rotate through and right foot will come forward during

follow through

                        3. Step and throw-may need line through insteps

Just throw the ball stepping a shade left of center-work to where the deep ball is being thrown

4. Throw on run-Square to target-Chop feet to be balanced-Rotate shoulders so Left

Shoulder is Under Chin prior to throw-follow through to get ball to stay low.

5.      Throw Walking Backward (Straight-Right-Left) to learn the sensation of having to

 Snap fingers through the throw when not in “perfect situation”

3.  Drops

A) Must be done Quickly-working your feet is essential

B) Rush the drop-don't ever rush the throw

C) Be Balance-Be sure you have your weight under you and in control before throwing

A)    Throwing off balance leads to negative things-always gather yourself (in a 3 step drop this is done with the second two steps


E) If need to move always move with back foot first

4. Types of Throws-Where to throw them

A)    20 yds or less throw over the middle-below the shoulders-above the waist-away from the


B) Deep Throw vs Man-never under throw it-Air under the ball

C) Deep Throw (seam) vs Zone-must be a flat throw

D)    Out-outside and away from the defender


5.  Off-Season Drills

Foot Quickness

Star Drill

Jump Rope

Drop Back over Bags

Drop Back and react to a change of direction

Throwing-In Addition to Warm-up Drills

Throw at Targets

Drop and throw at target

Drop and Throw at target-over an obstacle-develops touch 

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