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Quarterback Fundamentals

Posted Thursday, July 07, 2011 by Mark McKeny

1.  Qualities

A) Consistent-Can Trust Him

B) Confident-not only in self, but his teammates have it in him

C) Tremendous amount of Pride

D) Good Decision Maker-Quick Eyes

E) Tough-Mentally and Physically

F) Productive-seems to have been born with a silver spoon in his mouth-there is an aura about

him-has a feel for making things happen

G) A Leader

H) Physical qualities aren't as important as the intangible ones

2.  Stance

A) Feet shoulder width apart-inside the feet of the center with left foot back

B) Slight bend in the knees

C) Back as straight as comfort permits

D) Eyes up-so the defense can be seen

E) Weight-evenly distributed so you can move in any direction

F) When movement occurs weight stays centered

3.  Exchange

A)    Right hand in center's butt (about wrist deep) with index finger down the                              

middle and upward pressure being applied

B)    Left hand gets maximum contact with center's left thigh-generally "in" deeper

than right and also applies pressure

C) Thumbs form a "T"

D)    Ball is lifted by center so laces are put into rt hand and both of  QB's hands wrap around the ball

E)     "Seat" the ball when the exchange is completed-tip of ball is held slightly

 higher than the elbows

 4.  Hand-off

A) All hand-offs occur in front

B) See the ball into ball carrier's pocket

C) Place softly and turn palm to the sky to secure

D) If ball carrier is short you need to bend knees to get to pocket level

E) All hand-offs occur parallel to the ground

 5.  Faking

A) Use your eyes-let ball carrier take your eyes as he carries out his fake

B) Always have 2 parts of your body on the ball-2 hands or hand and stomach

C)    Carry out fake longer than you think you have to-it will enhance the play-don't

 rush the fake-take care of step 1 before going to step 2


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