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Titans Sports

Quarterback Objectives

Posted Thursday, July 07, 2011 by Mark McKeny


1.                  WIN!!!!!

We Don't Care How


2.                  It Starts With The Huddle

Your Command and Respect is Required Here

You Gain it Through Performance and Preparation

Use Voice Inflection.


3.                  Make Good Decisions

These Come Through Being Totally Prepared-Process Information Quickly and Accurately

Know What and Why We Do Everything

Know the Different Situations We Are In and How To React-Positively

Process Information Quickly and Accurately, pre-Snap to Post Snap to the Whistle


4.                  Protect The Football-No Turnovers

QB/Center Exchange


Good Decisions on Where to Throw

Accuracy in the Throw


5.                  Pride

In Being Totally Prepared

In Executing all the Little Things

On and Off the Field


6.                  Be Excellent Fundamentally


Ball Handling

Throwing Mechanics


7.                  Be Tough-Mentally And Physically

There Are Not Any Situations You Can Not Handle-On or Off the Field

Handle Everything in a Relaxed, Poised, Calm, Confident Manner


8.                  Remember-The Punt Is An Offensive Weapon

Remembering this Will Enable You to Make Good Decisions-Do Not Force Things


9.                  Give Credit To Your Teammates

You are Merely a Small Piece of the Puzzle-Others do Most of the Real Work


10.              Be A Leader!

This Happens by You Having

            Credibility-                  Earned Through Repeated Positive Performances

            Charisma-                    Established by Your Personality

            Courage-                     Exhibited by Your Performance in Difficult Situations

            Confidence-                Exhibited by How You Carry Yourself-On and Off the Field

            Compassion--              Exhibited by How you Care about Others

            Consistency-               Exhibited by Your Daily Performance

                                    Communication-         Exhibited by Your Honesty and Openness with Everyone

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